• How to Help The Friends of Llanegryn Church

How to Help Us

A wedding ceremony at Llanegryn Church. A wedding ceremony at Llanegryn Church.

Llanegryn is a small community with limited resources to maintain such a treasure as the church. It is therefore very encouraging that membership of the Friends spreads far beyond the local area with members across Wales, in England and a couple overseas.

You can help the Friends of Llanegryn Church in a number of ways in their mission to preserve this lovely building and keep it open to all:

  • Become a Friend: the minimum subscription is just £10 a year although many members are happy to give more than this as they believe it to be a worthy cause. If you are not a Friend and would like to join, please click here to go to the application form.
  • Support our fundraising activities: once or twice a year we organise a fund raising event. These are publicised to members as well as throughout the local area.
  • Join the committee: new members are always welcome to assist with the on-going work of the association.
  • Offer particular skills: are you able to offer skills which the association can use? It may be design, printing, copying, website, newsletter writing, photography etc.
  • Remember the Friends: in your charitable giving and your will (well we do expect to be here for the long term). Donations can be made on line with Gift Aid where appropriate by clicking here.

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