• A Message from the President of the Friends of Llanegryn Church

A Message from our President

A gravestone from 1767. A gravestone from 1767.

As a native of Llanegryn I have a special place in my heart for this ancient church with its magnificent fifteenth century rood screen and rood-loft. It must be our responsibility to ensure that this inheritance lives on for the benefit of generations to come.

It is difficult to overemphasise that conservation and maintenance of the fabric of an ancient church entails very substantial expenditure. It was therefore with pleasure and gratitude that I heard that a small group of friends had established a charitable trust dedicated to raise funds to help to maintain Llanegryn Church and churchyard in a good state of repair.

A visit to this lovely church brings enjoyment to many and I very much hope that you will support the dedicated work of the Trust by becoming a Friend of Llanegryn Church.

Lord Gwilym Prys Davies of Llanegryn

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